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88 Maitland Street
Narrabri, NSW, 2390

(02) 67 991 320

Logan & Co Furniture and Bedding, situated in both Narrabri and Moree in North West NSW, Australia. Serving the local community since 1888 with all of their furniture and bedding needs. 


Company History



The Logan family arrived from Kirkcudbright, Scotland in 1886. John Logan, a cabinet maker by trade, began the Logan & Co Furniture business in Narrabri in circa 1888. He built many furniture items for local businesses, including bars and staircases. He also began a funeral service in 1899, just before John's unfortunate death at the young age of 49. John's son Henry Logan, a well respected Shire Councillor, creative sign writer and violinist, later took on the management of the businesses in 1902.  Henry was what they call a "progressive" and owned one of the first vehicles in Narrabri. When conducting a funeral, he and other staff members would place a funeral canopy on the back of the car which enabled it to change into a hearse. In the back of the Narrabri furniture store premises he also had a joinery works with the machinery driven by a steam engine. Within the joinery works, Henry manufactured their own coffins to use in the funeral business. The last dozen were manufactured in 1984. The holding down bolts for the joinery business are still visible in the driveway leading to the back of the old White Rose Cafe (now part of the furniture store) situated in the back lane of Maitland Street.  

Two of Henry's eight children carried on the family business, whilst also expanding it too. Harry Logan began work in Moree in 1927, managing a Logan & Co furniture store and funeral business. The building used during this time, situated across from the police station, unfortunately burnt down a year later, with a lot of money lost due to the accounting records being destroyed along with it. The building the furniture store is situated in to this day is located at 185 Balo Street, which was built in 1930. Due to the Great Depression, staff from Logan & Co businesses assisted in helping construct the building, providing ongoing employment through this difficult time. All staff remained in employment, with only hours dropped rather than any employment being terminated altogether.

Harry, who lived in Moree, took over as Chairman in 1945 when Henry passed away. Unfortunately, Harry became very ill with arthritis, and for quite a few years following his unfortunate death in 1972, Kevin Locke managed the day to day runnings of the Moree store, overlooking 12 staff members. Kevin remained the manager of the Moree store and worked for Logan & Co for an incredible 51 years before retiring. Between Kevin and Col Hanley, they also managed to establish electrical retail businesses in both Moree and Narrabri in the 1950s. Kevin was also an Associate Director of the company during his time, overlooking other operations such as the extension of the electrical store building in Narrabri, which was known as Retravision at the time. The Narrabri electrical business continues to be in operation today as a Leading Appliances store. 

The Narrabri furniture store struggled financially through World War II, until Col Hanley was appointed. Col had the "energy of ten men" and rejuvenated the business. Regular truckloads of furniture were taken to Wee Waa every Friday. Walgett deliveries were also quite common. A lot of furniture was sold to the locals during the 1970s - 1980s thanks to Col's energy, knowledge and skill. Col assisted with the purchase of the O'Connors furniture store also, and managed both stores for five years. Col officially retired at the age of 65, yet continued as the building maintenance supervisor for a further 5 years. 

Albert Holiday was another long term staff member, who worked actively in the business until the age of 80. Albert was the Company Secretary in Henry Logan's time. He was also the Narrabri funeral arranger for many years. He smoked a pipe or a cigar regularly, and the smell wafted through the whole furniture store. Surprisingly, there were no customer complaints, probably because everyone liked Mr A.V Holiday. 

After Harry Logan passed away, his son Robert Logan took over the position as Chairman. Other directors included Max Cramsie (husband of Muriel Logan), Bill Mead (husband of Helen Logan), Keith Watt (husband of Jessie Logan), Peter Cameron (son of Heather Logan), Col Hanley and Kevin Locke. Bob's time as Chairman covered the expansion of the two furniture stores, the development of the joinery factory, as well as joining the buying groups Mitre 10, Retravision, Furniture One and The Good Homemakers. 

Tim, Bob's eldest son, began working for the firm in 1977. In 1988, Tim and his wife Karen bought the Mitre 10 store with vendor financing and a loan from the bank. In 1994, the 28 shareholders of the company were bought out by Tim and Karen for the ownership of the furniture stores and other assets. 

In 2015, Karen and Tim made the difficult decision to close the Mitre 10 store due to the lead up to their semi-retirement. Tim and Karen's sons, Mark and Josh, reside in Sydney. Their daughter Kate, on the other hand, has remained in the Narrabri area and assists with the management of the remaining Logan & Co businesses alongside Tim.

Currently, there are six businesses in operation under the Logan & Co Pty Ltd ownership- Logan & Co Furniture and Bedding, Narrabri Bi-rite Electrical and Logan Funerals in Narrabri, Logan & Co Furniture and Bedding and Logan Funerals in Moree, and Logan Funerals in Goondiwindi.

Concerning the furniture stores, on June 1st, 2016, Narrabri Homemakers was officially renamed Logan & Co Furniture and Bedding. Moree Homemakers was also officially renamed on the 1st of November, 2016.  An important step in honouring the past, by bringing it into the present.



Logan & Co have been fortunate enough to have had some wonderful, conscientious, long-standing staff over the years, which have enabled the ongoing success of the company.

Without them, there wouldn't have been any long-term viable businesses.

This continues to remain true to this day! 


An honourable mention must be awarded to:

Fred Watt – 55 years. Worked as a Glazier from 1955 - 2010

Kevin Locke 51 years –managed the Moree Furniture Store and Funeral business

Albert Holiday 50 years- Company Secretary

George Peno 49 years –Carpet Layer, Small Hardware buyer- known for his beautiful “Copperplate” writing

Earl Jenkins 48 years - Wood Machinist and Joinery Works Manager (after Jim Richardson)

Jean Wilde 40 years- Bookkeeper at Moree

Jim Richardson 40 years – Joinery Factory Manager. He was followed by Ken Richardson, then John Richardson, and then John's daughter -which makes an amazing four generations of staff with Logan & Co!

Joe Crutcher 40 years- Wood Machinist

Col Hanley 22 years –managed Logan & Co Pty Ltd in Narrabri from 1965-1987

Others: Mick Woodin, Mr. Campbell, Darrell Rodges, Kevin Fraser, Joe Crutcher, Ron & Layton Hedley and Bob Reeves. 



Please Note: This list will be updated as more information is uncovered. 
If you know of anyone who has worked for us for a considerable amount of years, if you find any errors,
or have an interesting story to tell regarding the history of Logan & Co, please contact us.

We'd love to hear from you!