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88 Maitland Street
Narrabri, NSW, 2390

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Logan & Co Furniture and Bedding, situated in both Narrabri and Moree in North West NSW, Australia. Serving the local community since 1888 with all of their furniture and bedding needs. 

Amani Bebe Nursing Pillow

Baby Products

Amani Bebe Nursing Pillow

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Amani Bebe Nursing Pillow



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Breastfeeding is a wonderful and natural method of feeding your baby and building a special bond with your baby. For those mums who can and choose to do so, whilst a beautiful experience, it can be demanding on your body and place great strain on you neck, back and shoulders, if you are not properly supported.

You will often feed your new born baby every 2-4 hours every day, for many months and maybe a couple of years, so it is important that you are comfortable to enjoy this wonderful bonding experience.

To support you and your baby, during feeding (whether breastfeeding or bottle feeding) babyhood has designed a range of nursing pillows to suit different mums with one bub or two from the petite boppy pillow to our twin nursing pillow to our most popular favourite – The babyhood Nursing Pillow with Toy Bar – 4 in 1.

Our babyhood nursing pillow with toy bar is:

  1. Ergonomically designed to suit a woman’s body shapeso they fit firmly around your waist comfortably, reducing slippage and flopping – which is what happens with large oversized pillows which have no ergo design

  2. Optimally designed and contoured to the perfect height to support baby’s mouth to your nipple – so no bending your neck and back for the perfect latch

  3. Unique as it the only nursing pillowto offer extra support for premmie babies or smaller bubs with a special support pad to help lift baby closer to your breast during feeding time

  4. Versatile as they can be used not only for breast feeding and nursing for mum but for bub’s tummy time, which is recommended by paediatricians

  5. Safer as it is made from breathe eze fibre which is firm, dust mite resistant, anti allergenic, and best of all breathableso much safer for your precious baby

  6. Supportive as it is contoured for baby as bub learns to sit with the extra supportfrom the support pad

  7. Assists digestionas it lifts baby’s head above their tummy

  8. Entertaining for baby with a play centre with a unique soft touch toy bar for hours or fun

  9. Handy with discreet pocketsfor your breast creams, tissues, breast pads and other nursing essentials

  10. Comfortable as a perfect neck cushionfor quick nap as a post or pre pregnancy pillow

  11. Convenient as it is fully machine washableand the covers also zip off for washing – unlike most pillows that are not washable – eeewww!

  12. Cleverly designed in consultation with lactation consultants and real mums– so no silly shapes or back straps that make feeding uncomfortable and force mums to sit without back support for hours

  13. Ready to gowith you anywhere with a convenient carry bag so pack it in your maternity bag ready for the hospital

  14. Affordable for all mums

  15. Stylish with a wide range of colours available you should find one that matches your nursery.

Don’t settle for the imitations, look for the original babyhood nursing pillow – you will love it like thousands of other mums have.

We recommend the range of babyhood feeding glider chairs and matching ottomans which are designed to be used with the babyhood nursing pillows for the optimal nursing experience.

Enjoy the pleasure of feeding your baby comfortably – without the stress and pain with a babyhood Nursing Pillow with Toybar.

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